I create experimental, interdisciplinary sculpture that moves fluidly between different media and processes. My work explores the body and the life-giving body as document, and its inherent possibilities and physical and psychological limitations. While the forms reference molecular structures, botanical forms, and medical models, they do not mimic the organic; instead the work relies on an aesthetic of fantasy to resist definition. Allowing for inspiration from sources as diverse as minimalism, seedpods, and lace, the sculpture and drawings seek to juxtapose personal narrative and experience with outside references.


A process-driven artist, I make my own clays and plaster amalgams in the studio and I have developed distinctive mold making techniques with materials as diverse as sand, alginate, and latex.  The positives pulled from the molds and the finished sculptures and installations contain materials as diverse as beeswax, marine grade resin, gypsum, porcelain, graphite, wood, metal, leather and graphite. Utilizing a layered palette of materials aids in the creation of unknowable, ambiguous surfaces, and the strata of information allows for areas of immense depth and luminosity as well as incredible detail. The material history inherent in wax and clay also informs the creation of the work and the conceptual underpinnings of the sculpture.  The congealed, worked, taut, marked surfaces evoke materials that liquefy, evaporate, dust, and undergo mutations.  The surfaces resemble membranes or skin and are evocative of the womb, blood gain and loss, the growth of a placenta, and the skin, an organ, being stretched and pulled and then collapsing back into itself. The body is seen as a vulnerable, imperfect state but one that is also strong, resilient, and incredibly transformative.  At times it becomes a transitory, ephemeral state and at other moments, the body is a landscape, recalling aerial photography, its surface recording movement and change.